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Miss Whiskey Bliss

Starting out in the cabaret & burlesque scene in Seattle, Washington in 2009 performing solo and in troupes The Harlequin Hipsters and Sinner Saint Burlesque, Miss Whiskey went on to tour Europe and Australia with her accordion between 2011 and 2016, instigating a plethora of international collaborations, including the recording of her 1st EP, The Cowgirl Gospel in Adelaide, Australia.

Sea Gypsies-72.jpg
The Sea Gypsy Orchestra


A lady-powered pirate-gypsy-circus band made up of 4 travelling maidens playing accordions, melodicas, guitar, keyboard, flute and ukulele. Jamming on original songs, pirate anthems, swinging rhythms & gypsy jazz tunes with theatrics and circus arts to ice the cake.


Originating from dusty forest jams at The Woodford Folk Festival in 2013, they have since toured the East Coast of Australia, as well as France and Italy. Hoist the sails, hit the deck and prepare to fling your frilly knickers overboard! They are Danidoo Butterfly (AUS), Rosie MissChief (AUS), Stephe Accordeon (FR), & Whiskey Bliss (USA).


A hobo-chic-gypsy-grass duet featuring good ol' home cooked blues and pirate-klezmer style jams with Whiskey Troublepants Bliss (accordion, vocals) and Fraser Ashford (guitar, vocals). In the summer of 2013 Scallywagon toured the North American West Coast from Victoria, British Columbia to Los Angeles, California playing festivals, bars, and even an the anarchist book shop Subrosa in Santa Cruz, California. They were also seen at the legendary grassroots festival SH'BANG! at The Lookout Arts Quarry in Bellingham, Washington. 

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Whiskey & Ginn

The rootinest, tootinest tap dance and accordion duo, Whiskey & Ginn bring you a healthy dose of old-timey vaudeville shenanigans. These international showgirls, travel accomplices, and best friends have travelled Europe and Australia with their shows A Boy Called Johnny and Ginn & Whiskey Return from the Wild West. Seen in Australia at The Eclipse Festival (2012), Woodford Folk Festival (2012), Rainbow Serpent Festival (2013, 2014) and The Adelaide Fringe Festival (2013, 2014, 2015). European festival credits include Imaginaria (2014), Fusion Festival (2014), & Busker Bus Poland (2014). 

Prairie Rose Magic Woods.jpg
Prairie Rose: A Cabaret Musical
Welcome to the world of Prairie Rose, an accordion playing, rough n’ ready, red-hooded heroine, embarking on a journey through the Magic Woods to her Grandma’s cabin, to bring her whiskey & cake. As our story unravels, Prairie Rose shares her tales of LOVE (that sexy, dapper huntsman!), FEAR (that nasty, overbearing wolf!), DEVOTION (whiskey and cake!) & THE UNEXPECTED (spiritual magic!). The adventure is told through original music and good ol’ fashioned storytelling by your favorite Accordion Diva.


Performed at The Lookout Arts Quarry in Bellingham, WA (USA) December 2014 and The Adelaide Fringe Festival 2015 in Adelaide, Australia. 

More Adventures & Videos:

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